There is a lot to do in the area of La Herradura. There is something for everyone, you can take a stroll on the beach, walk in the mountains, visit historical places, go to local markets or you can just enjoy the weather that normally always is great. Below is some more details regarding activities to explore.


The are many water activities in La Herradura, one of the more famous ones is diving.

The conditions for diving here are excellent and there are many who offers courses and daily trips for diving adventure. Visit the “Open Water Diving Center La Herradura”.



The nearest place to play Padel when you visit Casa Salix is in the Pool area, it is for free, just sign up a time at the court and have a nice game.

Around the area there are many more courts to visit and to try out, some places have afterwork on Fridays with Padel and food afterwards.



In the nearby surroundings of La Herradura there are miles of beaches to explore. Just around the corner from Casa Salix on the outer side of the national park Cerro Gordo, there is a beach called Beach Cantarriján.

It is worth the walk down to enjoy the environment and the beach. Food is served on the two restaurants at the beach.




Casa Salix and the area around La Herradura is made for a holiday with the family. The weather is nearly always sunny, there are beautiful beaches and places to visit and there is a lot of activities to do and explore. The food and the tradition of serving Tapas if you buy something to drink is just a bonus that you get visiting this paradise.


Sierra Nevada must be explored in the winter as well as in the summer. It is on a quit high altitude, 3´800 meters above ground at its highest point and 2´100 meters at the village.

Enjoy the skiing to the end of April/beginning of May, or just simply make some downhill biking in the summer. Just take a pause and enjoy the beautiful nature.



The area around La Herradura is quite hilly and challenging for bikers, that is why you see a lot of them

struggling to get to the top.

The nature is beautiful, and you can look out on the Mediterranean Sea while you are fighting the hills to manage the next top. There are many places to rent bikes and companies organizing trips, below is one that can be tried out.


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